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Welcome to this online password generator! We hope you to use it in order to improve yours password security.

Perfect password

Which password is a perfect password? We're not sure if there is something really perfect in this universe. That's why we can't answer the question about the so called "perfect password". But we can tell you what is a good password

good password

Good password can't be something simple like "my password is password", "123456", "7777777", "princess", "password", etc. These are not something that we call a "secure password"! Secure passwords are those, who are random. A random password is, for example, this one "h378ydaslkjsd9r87eoiwueq". As you can see it's not something like "password", "princess", "7777777" and so on. If you need the secure (random) password to be not just a secure password, but also a strong password, then you have to use not only letter (a, b, c, d, e, etc.) and numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.), but lowercase and uppercase letters (for example: jkLwWppPxxQqsp) and other special symbols (`,~,!,@,#,$,%,^, etc.) In this point of view the strong and secure passwords will look like these:
a) M}5|qn
b) n_**#7e
c) )1`+9hQ$
Another element of the password security (you can see what is password security or password strenght here) is the password length - for instance: "IQ2" is easier to guess, than "5IQ10cFs%$%_=55vq/", right?

How to protect a password

This is very easy and we're here to help you with this FREE password generator online. You have to avoid using the same password for multiple sites or purposes. For example if you need a password for PC, it's okay to generate a random password just once, but if you have many accounts in different Social networks, forums, emails, etc., then you better generate random passwords with this generator for random, secure, strong, good passwords.
It is a good password creator. It may be used even as a password generator from word (for example you choose the word "Canada" and it will create for you passwords like "nCCaan", "naCaCa", "aanada", etc.). BUT this is not recommended! (see above why)
We recommend you to use all the capacity of this really strong password generator.
Generate a password which is one of the best by using "Number" + "Lowercase" + "Uppercase" + "Other" (for both "First character can be:" and "Latter characters can be:") and choose some longer password lenght like 10 or 15, and more. Then click the button "Generate password" and you'll receive some super good passwords like this "*Ft1B[BD9|8YVQK" or this "#L.,O^cAuo68=+-". It's generating passwords very fast.

So, now, welcome to use this free password tool over here (and for almost everything else you are welcome!):

First character can be: Number Lowercase Uppercase Other
Latter characters can be: Number Lowercase Uppercase Other
Password length:
Extra password characters:
New password:

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We hope you enjoy this passwords generator! If you know how to use it, then you can create even easy to remember password, because it's also an easy to remember password generator (free easy to remember password generator; free easy to remember password generator online).

To learn more about the passwords and database security, visit this famous: encyclopedia.

For more password generators -- Google.

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